Only because I was working on this post did I realize it was Friday the 13th! Thankfully, I don’t think we’ll be affected much because we’ve gotplenty of good luck being supported & shared on these rad blogs. Sohere’s our weekly “Pinterest picks” round-up: we hope they’ll bring you lots of inspiration over the weekend and you can see their collages below the jump. As always, if you’ve got a links of your own Pinterest picks to share, let me know with a comment or an email.

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1. The Little Plum blog; Carissa’s boards.

2. Lauren Elise Crafted blog; Lauren’s boards.

3. Secrets of a Butterfly blog; Kathryn’s boards.

4. What is design blog; Sarah’s boards.

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5. TheGlam Lamb blog; Hallie’s boards.

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Oh, How Pinteresting!: "Pinning With Purpose" »




Source: Christine’s pins

If you love pinning và you have your own business or brand, here’s an sự kiện that might interest you.

Pinner, blogger, and former small-business owner Christine Martinez is teaching a class in the SF/Bay Area on Thursday, November 3rd titled “Pinning…

Social networking is miraculous sometimes.

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Happy Caucus Night, folks.

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Things I Ate That I Love: Ladies, Women & Girls »



I found Molly Fischer’s essay about Jezebel, The Hairpin, & Rookie interesting, provocative, và deeply frustrating. Her dissection of these blogs’ aesthetics và the rhetorical styles they’ve bred in their commenter-bases is skillful, but what is its point? There are a lot of…

I wanted to respond to thisN + 1 essay, but, while I don’t agree with every word she says, Emily Gould makes a lot of the points I would’ve made, much better than I would’ve made them. I’ll just add that it’s not lượt thích sites devoted to lớn those more serious topics Fischer mentions don’t exist, providing comfort for the afflicted and hammers with which to smash the kyriarchy (a very ladyblog word, I know). Or that there aren’t sites that emphasize the serious stuff but still make room for lighter topics, e.g. Tiger Beatdown và Feministe. And it’s not as though the readerships of the ladyblogs và the Serious Feminist Sites don’t overlap a lot. They serve different, though complementary, functions.